Monday, 6 March 2017

AstraZeneca criminal

As I have already explained. It has made and sold defective biochemical treatments – which has killed 200 million people in the last 15 years.
A total legal fine of 20 trillion, and 20 billion years in jail for its employees – 3.5 times the total fatalities of World War II, the deadliest conflict ever known. It has financially induced Hippocratic oath swearing Dr.s to contravene their professional oath, and prescribe pills they KNEW would kill them.
The London Stock exchange has no alternative but to immediately suspend their listing and shares.
I have published details of High Intensity UltraSound many times before. So all biochemistry and radio therapy plus surgery became criminal medicine 2002.

AZ signed up to the Hippocratic oath, making defective medicine criminal,

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Jonathan Thomason said...

Strike of the GMC
AND YES, I DID CORPORATE LAW ON MY MASTER'S DEGREE. Every member of the GMC is a registered lawyer and medic.
So each had to personally validate that High Intensity UltraSound cleared all cancers in 2002. I found under 1 minute of 8W 1MHz ultrasound cleared late stage inoperable liver cancer, and breast cancer. 2013 – and published my work on the internet.
So in 2002 the GMC had to inform every medic in the UK, to stop using biochemical treatments, radio and chemo therapy plus surgery. They did not – so 1/5th of the population of the UK has died in screaming agony.
So they are no longer registered lawyers or medics. So their terms of employment were invalidated 15 years ago.  Every GP should have confirmed HIUS personally 2002.
So they must repay all wages, and face trial for the 12 million deaths – 25 years and a fine of 10 million for every death.
The sams applies to the AMA.  Hitler only killed 60 million in 5 years: medics 500 mililon in 15.