Monday, 6 March 2017

Making Egypt Eden again

Egypt was an Eden back in history. And then it aridified, and all the plants moved out. There are 2 idea.
1 We erect vacuum pumps along the Gulf on Suez. That sucks up sea water by 1m. Vacuum is very cheap to produce.
And the sea water boils, losing all contaminants and salts. We pump the water in shore. And use it to add water to the Nile.
Then along the Nile, we have solar vacuum pumps, to use this water to irrigate a strip of desert.
We dredge up sea bed, and use the Nile estuary to was the salt out. We then use it to re-establish soil and agriculture. Then every year, we reclaim more and more desert.
2 We use dosing, or ground sonar, to locate under ground rivers of water. We then use ground sonar to locate magma pockets 10m below the suraface.
We drill down to the geothermal water, and as we vent the pressure, we use a Dyson dry cleaner, to remove the heavy metals – gold, silver, platinum and copper. Egypt used to have so much gold, w will get loads up.
We then generate all our power using the gothermal steam. We then condense this on the cold end of a Carnot heat pump. The hot end, we use to super heat the inlet steam – to over 800oC.
So much 0 carbon power – with gold and platinum dust. And then we have liquid cold water, to irrigate the desert.
To grow plants – and take in all that lovely CO2. Global photosynthesis limits free CO2 to just 2 parts per million – its pre-industrial level.

Higher numbers are a biological impossibility – science fiction funded by nuclear power. An energy system so toxic, every nuclear plant on Earth needs insurance of 100 billion: they carry just 50 million – totally illegal.

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