Friday, 17 March 2017

Return of cancer money

The Moffitt cured cancer 15 tears ago, using High Intensity UltraSound. All Dr.s read and confirmed the medicine.
2002 radio and chemo therapy, surgery and biochemical treatments became defective, criminal medicine. So patients are due return off all medical cost.
The Dr gets 25 years in jail for every patient killed – and pays the family 10 million UK pounds.
Dr.s pride themselves on their ethics: cancer drugs etc. Were against the Hippocratic oath. So all prescribing Dr.s apply to be struck off 2002 – and pay back all wages. They receive no pension, and are barred from medicine for life.
So no need for a lawyer – that could triple the inevitable pay our. Of only 30 trillion dollars.
All cancers can be cleared using 1 min of ultrasound from a 8W 1MHz ultrasound massage device.

I just have a message from a guy with a kidney tumour. He used ultrasound – no tumour. My idea have saved 200 million lives around the world. Biochemistry has killed ½ a billion patietns in the last 15 years.
22% price drop

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