Thursday, 7 December 2017

FREE gold and power

This is best done by a farmer or land owner. If a village has common land, with a stream or river running through it, that will do.
We need ground sonar – so the best idea is if we get a company involved with sonar and drilling equipment. They take their money out of the free power we generate, and the 2% to cover plant maintenance/renewal. They the rest of the power money goes towards the village/ land owner.
We should fins that the river of geothermal water tracks over ground rivers. And all land is forced up by steam fill mantel pockets.
We drill down to enter the water chamber from below: we may choose to use a local hill – as the ground will sink by 2cm a century.
So we get at water at 8 atmospheres, and 178oC. This super heated water has gold, silver, platinum, copper, lead, arsenic... in. So we vent the gas to 6 atmospheres, and it boils, dropping to 168oC.
We pass through a Dyson double helix, and collect the heavy metal power. We sell to a local metals agent – who will collect and pay by metal content, and price. 40% of the metal dust will be gold!
This will be worth more than the power we produce. We get 120MW of carbon 0 power: we pass the steam through a small turbine, or a commercially source thermoelectric generator. Each house only needs 8kW.
So we power 196 houses. Off free carbon 0 power. The national grid pays up 3,165 UK pounds per kW year. So get get 600,000 UK pounds. Money we receive – and do not pay the power companies.
And the gold pays us 720,000 UK pounds today. So each farmer, land owner of village is about to get very rich. Power with no CO2, or hyper-toxic radioactive waste.

I gave this idea to my PhD supervisor at Sheffield University 2000.  It is a first year rneginering practical, to build the plant and get it working, over a university term.

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